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dfgMore men are getting involved in practicing yoga. (Jupiter Images)

Question: I’m a male in my late 50s and I have developed arthritis. My doc says that yoga might help alleviate some of the pain and help with my movement. I’ve never done yoga before and I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure it’s for me. My wife loves it, but she says her class is almost always all women. Are there men-only yoga classes? And what would your advice be for someone who isn’t real keen on this?
Robert M., Denver

Yoga instructor Mike Matsumura answers:
Robert, you aren’t alone in your thinking! But yoga is for men and for women, and in fact, more and more men are getting involved in the practice, because they, too, are experiencing the many rewards from it. Most classes do have men in class, too.

In a yoga class, you will find that people (men and women) are there for a variety of reasons, including for the same reasons that you are thinking about getting started.

Some people practice yoga as a way to gain physical recovery and to release physical and mental stress in their life. Practicing yoga can help with many types of physical pain, as well. Of course, the benefits that one can experience may differ from person to person. I have known people who have received great benefits, including recovery from an injury, arthritis, scoliosis, bursitis, improved flexibility, strength and weight loss, to name just a few possibilities with regular practice.

There are men-only classes, but my recommendation would be to try taking a class with a male instructor at a yoga studio or at a gym. Perhaps place your mat in the back of the room, to make you feel more comfortable. Also, it is important to start out slowly and try a basic or beginner class.

You have nothing to lose here, but a lot to gain. Try committing for a week and see how you feel. If you are OK with a week, then commit for a month. I wish you the best in your yoga journey!

Yoga instructor Mike Matsumura co-owns Pranava Yoga Center ( in Colorado Springs with his wife, Charlotte Matsumura. He will be a presenter at the Telluride Yoga Festival ( in July.