DharmaMike2 copyYogi Sri Dharma Mittra was born in 1939 in Brazil and first encountered reincarnation and the Laws of Karma at age 14, yoga at 17, all through the pages of books. From 1958-1964, Sri Dharma served in the Brazilian Air Force and focused on bodybuilding and wrestling in his spare time. In 1964, Sri Dharma met his Guru in New York City and immediately became a full-time Yogi. Two years later, he was accepted as a disciple and began serving the public as a teacher in 1967. In 1975, Sri Dharma left his Guru’s Ashram and opened his first Yoga Center. In 1984, the famous Master Yoga Chart of 908 Asanas was created and 5 years later Sri Dharma’s world travels commenced. At present, Sri Dharma continues each day to share the best of the Eight Limbs of Yoga at the Dharma Yoga New York Center in New York City and through workshops and teacher trainings around the world.


Hanuman the monkey god, an ardent devotee of Lord Sri Rama, is worshipped by millions of people in India. Hanuman is the embodiment of 200_hanumandevotion, dedication and strength. Devotees pray to Hanuman to remove the sufferings created by Saturn’s god for humans and also to fulfil their wishes.

The epic of Ramayana contains the heroic deeds of Hanuman and stories of his devotion to Sri Rama, and his wife Sita. Hanuman jumps over the Indian ocean and reaches Sri Lanka in search of Sita, who was abducted by Ravana, the demon king. In the battle between Sri Rama and Ravana, in which Ravana is killed, Hanuman plays a major role.


Saint Michael

saint-michael6Saint Michael as the special protector of Israel, and in Christian usage he became the protector of the church. In the prayers after low mass, he is accordingly invoked to be ‘our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil,’ and is referred to as the ‘captain of the Heavenly Host’ because of what John tells us about him in the Apocalypse (12:7 to 9:): “And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon… And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

In the offertory anthem of the mass for the dead, Michael is charged with the care of all departed souls that he “the holy standard bearer (may) introduce them to the holy light, which thou didst promise of old to Abraham and to his seed.”

The main feast is, of course, on Michaelmas Day (September 29th), but on May 8th a lesser feast is observed to commemorate the appearance of St. Michael on the summit of Mount Gargano in Apulia during the time of Pope Gelasius (492-6).

 Dalai Lama


dalai-lamaWebHis Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, was born on July 6, 1935 to a peasant family in the small village of Taktser in northeastern Tibet and was recognized at the age of two as the reincarnation of His predecessor, the Thirteenth Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lamas are the manifestations of the Buddha of Compassion, who chose to take rebirth to serve humanity. Dalai Lama means Ocean of Wisdom; Tibetans normally refer to His Holiness as Yizhin Norbu, the Wish-Fulfilling Gem, or simply Kundun, the Presence.



Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, whose original name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, was born on August 27, 1910 in what is now Skopje, Mother TheresaMacedonia. For her work with the poor around the world she received the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. Her interest in India began when as a child she attended meetings of an organisation known as the Sodality of Our Lady where letters from Yugoslavian priests working in Bengal were read. On 29th November 1928 she joined a religious order and took the name Teresa. The order immediately sent her to India. A few years later, she began teaching in Calcutta, and in 1948 the Catholic Church granted her permission to leave her convent and work among the city’s poor people. She became an Indian citizen that same year. In 1950, she founded a religious order in Calcutta called the Missionaries of Charity. The order provides food for the needy and operates hospitals, schools, orphanages, youth centers, and shelters for lepers and the dying poor. It now has branches in 50 Indian cities and 30 other countries. Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997.



Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya – yogi,   healer, linguist, Vedic scholar, expert in the Indian Schools of thought,   researcher, author… in other words, a legend. Born in 1888 in a remote Indian   village, T Krishnamacharya who lived to be over Krishnamacharyahundred years old was one of the   greatest yogis of the modern era. If today, yoga is an inherent part of the   everyday lives of millions of people across the world, it is due in large   measure to the pioneering efforts of T Krishnamacharya who revived yoga in the   early twentieth century. While preserving ancient wisdom and reviving lost   teachings, Krishnamacharya was also a revolutionary innovator who developed and   adapted yoga practices that were as would offer health, mental clarity and   spiritual growth to any individual in the modern-day world. Krishnamacharya’s knowledge of yoga was so vast that he taught each student   differently. In refusing to standardize the practice and teaching methodology,   Krishnamacharya created an understanding of yoga relevant for a broad spectrum   of students. By integrating the ancient teachings of Yoga and Indian philosophy   with modern-day requirements, Krishnamacharya created yoga practices that are as   accurate and powerful as they are practical and relevant. Fernando Pages Ruiz probably summed up Krishnamacharya’s immense contribution to   yoga when he wrote in an article entitled, The Legacy of Krishnamacharya,” (Yoga   Journal, May/June 2001) :”You may have never have heard of him, but Tirumalai   Krishnamacharya influenced or perhaps even invented your yoga. Whether you   practice the dynamic series of Pattabhi Jois, the refined alignments of BKS   Iyengar, the classical postures of Indra Devi, or the customized vinyasa [of   Desikachar], your practice stems from one source: a five-foot, two-inch Brahmin   born more than one hundred years ago in a small south Indian Village”.


B.K.S. Iyengar

B.K.S. Iyengar is one of the foremost teachers of Yoga in the world and has been practicing and teaching for over sixty years. Millions of students now follow his method and there are Iyengar yoga centres all over the world. He has written many books on yogic practice and its philosophy including “Light on Yoga,” “Light on Pranayama,” “Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” and more.



 Sri K. Pattabhi JoisPattabhi_Jois_samasthiti



Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, or Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois, counts amongst the world-renowned yoga teachers of India. A student of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, he is currently teaching at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute of Mysore, founded by him. His yoga shala attracts thousands of foreign students every year. Let us move on further to explore the complete biography of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.



David Swenson


Swenson-and-Mike David Swenson began practicing yoga at a very early age. Well not quite as early as the photo but he did begin in 1969 at the age of 13. His older brother Doug was his first teacher. They practiced hatha yoga from whatever books they could find. David’s introduction to Ashtanga came in 1973 when he met David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff in Encinitas, California. In 1975 David and Nancy brought K. Pattabhi Jois to the U.S. for the first time and Swenson was fortunate enough to be there. He then initiated studies directly with the master. Swenson made his first trip to Mysore in 1977 and learned the full Ashtanga system as it was originally taught by K. Pattabhi Jois. David Swenson is recognized today as one of the worlds foremost practitioners and instructors of Ashtanga Yoga.